Monday, April 11, 2011

Moxie Rx is Closed

We are excited to begin a new adventure... things are uncertain right now, but no fear we will return. We loved being a part of the neighborhood & knowing all of you . Like all things in life change is always around the corner... Closing was something we were moving towards.... selling was really what we wanted. We had buyer that would have kept that warm welcoming feel & really added to the neighborhood, but there was a complaint about us & that forced the ball to start rolling with the city. The deal breaker was that we are required to be on pavement. My landlord & friend Rachel wasn't really interested in paving the lot since it was one of the few green spaces on Mississippi Ave. We would have had to pave across the lot from the alley & that was just unacceptable. So we decided to deconstruct.... Here are some pictures from over the years.
We had such great times here & will miss everyone.... but look at all the great memories. All the events we had Movie Night, Puppet Stock, & Live Music. Being a part of Eat Mobile & the Mississippi Street Fair was always a way to stretch my creative muscle..... I have always love creating space!

Thanks to everyone for all you support over the years! We will see you all around the neighborhood & keep in touch.
Check in now and again to see what is up with us.... we are working on a brick and mortar space

so stay tuned .....
love & peace
Nancye & william


Kol said...

Don't leave. Your cart is great. What about laying gravel under the truck itself, and leaving the sitting area bare?

Kol said...

Or, what about moving to the SW corner of 15th and Prescott? Perfect location, already paved, and that whole corner totally unused by any pedestrians because there's nothing there even though it's across the street from Pok Pok Noi and Grain and Gristle.

Andee said...

First sunny day of spring and we missed our morning biscuits!

k a t said...

Planning my visit to Portland this weekend and I was hoping to visit you! Sorry to see you won't be open at this space any longer. I hope to hear of a brick and mortar location soon. Or perhaps a cookbook? Those drinks are too good to be gone forever. Thanks for the good times!

billybob said...

Portland is doing a terrible terrible thing that is exploiting these very viable business for the sake of other food cart pods who wish to pave all their lots. there is no science behind this backing it up (having spoke with many city planners and engineers) and it is more about politics and economic cohersion.