Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bye to 2009 & looking toward the future

It is hard to believe that 2009 is over. It is like a wave washed over me & when I stood up another year had passed. I'm so ready for a new decade! I can't wait to see what we do with our lives & business. We had a great season last year. So much press... it made me start to believe I really had something going on. Not just solely satisfying my need to nurture & connect with people. I had so may great food adventures this past year & got such inspiration from so many people.

Over the Holidays we went on a road trip to the Bay Area. It was our old stomping ground before moving to Portland. So I tried to go to all the places I loved & have missed. First stop Cafe Fanny. Alice Water's little cafe nestled in between a wine shop & the Acme Bakery. Oh the smell of bread all day long. I love this cafe so much it really speaks to me. Everything is simple & good

I always enjoyed breakfast the most..... fresh beignets with homemade jam. Eggs cooked just right with prosciutto that melts like butter in your mouth. Then relax & enjoy your cafe au lait. Is there a better way to start the day?

Another one of my favorites in the East Bay is the Holy Land. It's a kosher Israeli cafe. It is one of those places were I always get the same thing. That is rare for me but, I could never pass up the sampler plate with a side of falafe.The pickled carrots & beets, the super smooth hummus & the smokey baba ganoush, tabouli & tomato relish. It's the kind of thing I really could eat everyday.
So after a bellyfull of HolyLand I realized that Ici the little ice cream shop I had read about was just up the street. We had to stop in and check it out. I had a scoop of Rosemary Pinenut Brittle & Meyer Lemon. Wow..... creamy & what a treat they had wheat free cones! I had made brittle for the holiday so I was inspired by the use of herbs in theirs.
Our friends from New Zealand were staying in the Presidio. So we picked them up & went out for a traditional dinner at Brandy Ho's. It is one thing I really miss about the Bay Area & the East Coast is the Chinese food. I grew up on chicken with almonds, egg drop soup, & little cups of tea with no handles. Some of my fondest childhood food memories are of eating chinese food with my Mom in a dark restaurant with deep red booths. Where the hostess had a jet black beehive & would always give me an extra almond cookie.
Happy New Year & hope to see you all soon