Monday, April 21, 2008

Eat Mobile

I had so much fun putting our booth together...I have always loved creating space.

We had a good time & every last cookie & muffin was given away.... The Ginger Lime Macaroons seemed to be the favorite with Cashew Butter & Sea Salt coming in a closed second.
All the kids were so sweet. They would get all wide eyed at the edge of the table & their little hand would reach for the Spiced Coco Crisps or a Lemon Lavender Shortbread....Then big grins would appear

All the food was delicious.... It was such a treat to be able to sample all the goodness. Lena had her mission to get us bites from every booth. We started with Goulash from Tabor warm & spicy..... then we had some Dahl with paneer from India Chaat House YUM.... The line for Asian Station Cafe was long but Lena offered to trade cookies for dumplings.... good thinking. We were set up next to Tita's Pista so we had easy access to crispy Lumpia.... We missed out on the Russian food ...So now I will have to make an effort to visit Julia at her mobile cafe. I'm a sucker for a Chocolate Cupcake thanks New Season. Rudy & Emily from Jr. Ambassador scooped the night away... I enjoyed the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese ice cream the smokey finish was very nice. So now with all this inspiration & a lovely Sunday off with William.. including brunch at Simpatica that was so over the top. I'm refreshed & looking forward to the weekend. Hope to see you all soon

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